Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Still don't know how to add photos. It isn't liking me but we have a top ten of the trip to Branson!

10 days total (counting driving days)
9 kids in one car
8 hours at Silver Dollar City, and lots of roller coasters
7 hundred bug bites (no official tally but there are a lot of bugs in Missouri)
Six. The concert for the girls night out (awesome!!)
5 trips to the swimming pool (there might have been more, it was an awesome pool)
4 different condos
3 fish caught and released (following the "secret" trail to the water, Sam declares there wasn't any trail at all)
2 days of boating
1 awesome family reunion

Alternately, we could have thrown in number of grandkids (16), hours of games that were played, chess games played (Hannah and Johnny spent several hours one afternoon playing chess), shopping deals found (Tabby wins for her Disney dress), miles driven, states that were driven through and that we all came from (we drove across 5 and all the boys came from a different state), photo ops, photo bombs, desserts concocted, meals consumed, grocery store trips, and of course how many people came home sick.

It was a ton of fun. Even the driving wasn't too terrible, amazingly enough. The resort was a great idea, lots to do close by to help with babies and parents needing naps. Food was amazing (ham, pulled pork, taco salad, all the hot dogs Ben could want, pizza, and lots of ice cream). Stories were shared from childhood and memories made. The whole commune living was fantastic. We got really good at counting kids and double checking that everyone was accounted for.

Is it too early to start trying to figure out where to go next time? (I request a shorter drive this time if possible.)

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